Saturday, February 25, 2012


Today I am in Baltimore, but yesterday I wore an ankle-grazing tartan skirt from the clan Robertson, a black and white marled cardigan and Dr. Martens loafers which break my feet while I simultaneously try to break them in.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

If It Makes You Happy

When you have an extremely self-deprecating sense of humour, it can be easy to get a little carried away. Last week, I made the sorry mistake of comparing my propensity for wearing mom jeans to the first frumpy, denim-clad alt-country singer I could think of: Sheryl Crow. Luckily, my friend Lydia was sharp enough to alert me to the fact that Crow is actually a 90s alt-babe on par with Liz Phair, and maybe even Lisa Loeb. After some painstaking research (aka watching the "If It Makes You Happy" music video), I fully accept my opinion on Sheryl Crow was thoroughly misguided and I am eager to reedeem myself.

First of all, the video take place in the American Museum of Natural History which is my favourite place in the entire world that I've actually been to. Sheryl is wilding out in her natural habitat of a red painted brick room with an awkward Christmas shrub in the corner. She is wearing an amazing leopard print swing coat, with a blue zig-zag Missoni-style shirt, yellow pleather miniskirt and chunky heeled boots. This is a GOOD OUTFIT. Where have you been all my life, Sheryl? Shame on me for assuming you were nothing but the "sun-kissed," slightly more attractive female musical counterpart to Kid Rock!

Of course, you can't base a music video on a single outfit (even in the 90s) so check out this hot little number of a acid-yellow checkerboard top and tiger-print pants. This girl loves animal print, I think that makes us fashion soulmates.

Did you catch that overly make-upped snarl? Now it has been documented on THE BLOG, never to be undone.
Sheryl Crow is cool, the end. I'm curious to see how many reblogs that little leopard number is going to get on my Tumblr.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Vote for Pedro

Just because I don't write a blog post every day doesn't mean I've stopped wearing mom jeans! Also, I realizes that it would be way more fashion forward if I called them "boyfriend" jeans, but let's not fool ourselves. I can't wait until the dark denim on these starts to fade with wear and mold to my body. This outfit is essentially the cornerstone of my own brand of winter dressing: super casual, jeans, lots of black, quirky gem sweater and heavy boots. I guess when you find something that works for you, it's impossible to let go. But the real exciting part of this outfit is what's underneath...

This excellent t-shirt is a celebration of my perpetual state of (post) teen angst, hand screen printed by Emma of The Emma Edition. I purchased it because its so awesome to see real teens actually getting up off the hypothetical couch covered in Cheeto dust to craft their own t-shirts and nothing deserves more support than young, independent artists - even if they're just making/selling t-shirts. However, I must point your attention to the disturbing unintentional similarities this outfit has to Napoleon Dynamite when he campaigns in his 'Vote for Pedro' shirt. WEIRD. Also, good.