Thursday, March 29, 2012

Writing My Fashion History

This is a timeline of all the items of clothing that have made an indelible mark on personal memories of my wardrobe. Fashion is a form of creative expression and a vehicle for discovering the self. Each one of these items has defined my aesthetic at some point in my life.

1989: I was born, and presumably wore onesies.

1994: Green sweat suit, custom made for me by Mom.
1998: Shopped at Northern Getaway, home of the “Catstreet Boys” and “Mice World” t-shirts.

2001: Sparkly jeans from the Gap

2003: Pink Converse sneakers

2004: Bondage pants, covered in zippers and chains.

2007: Leopard-print coat (which I still own and wear)

2008: Novelty sweaters

2009: First pair of Doc Martens boots

2010: Sequins on everything

2011: Evil eye jewelry

2012: Mom jeans

Run, Forrest, Run!

Each and every school year spanning from Grade 1 to Grade 8, my parents would buy me a new pair of sneakers for my growing feet. They were my 'new shoes' (a.k.a. only shoes) for the school year and I wore them every single day. There were Nikes, Brooks, Reeboks and Sketchers that I remember, and I thought each and every pair was the coolest thing ever. That is, until I went to high school and got my first pair of Converse and started buying vintage shoes at thrift store and transformed into a teenage Imelda Marcos. Since then, I never thought I'd return to the world of foam-soled comfort footwear but there has been a noticeable shift in the blogosphere towards incorporating athletic wear into fashion outfits and I'm diggin' it. Fashion and comfort don't have to be mutually exclusive, but I never thought I'd feel this way about any pair of shoes that weren't awkward, chunky ankle boots (my fave). Add a jolt of neon to the sneaker and I'm utterly convinced.
Some random awesome girl

New Balance even came out with a pair of shiny, holographic sneakers a few years ago and HOLY MOTHER where can I get  pair of those?!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Image Interview 2012

If you're a creep like me and love getting a peek inside other people's closets, then you'd do well to check out The Image Interview. Joel Yum is a fraud analyst by day, and wicked good photographer by night who documents emerging creatives in Toronto for his blog, and I'm proud to announce that the latest "creative" featured on the site is me!!

I don't live into Toronto (YET), so I just brought some of my favourite items to be photographed, which include my insane obsession with British Royal Family paraphenalia, my heavily-stickered laptop case and my zine, PLANT magazine.

There are 18 copies left of PLANT #2, get it while you can!

Here are some of the pictures he took, but check out the feature for more photos and words of wisdom.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Here Comes the Summer

I've started to realize that my style is a lot more "simple" than a lot of other bloggers. I still really like loud music and bright colours, but somehow that doesn't really translate into dyeing my hair 8 different colours and piling on the jewelry. The grungier side of me just really cares about comfort more than everything else, and you'll never see me slipping on some sunglasses and 4 inch heels just to take outfit photos in. This is just actually what I wear! The floral sleeveless shirt is a total 90s grunge piece, and I'm happy to pair it with a comfy pair of denim shorts.

The cardigan is just a basic one from American Apparel but it has a MERMAID on the back, which was hand-screenprinted and kindly sent to me by Marty May on Etsy. Isn't it the coolest thing ever?

I've been dying for a pair of 70s steez Kork-Ease platforms, but they are impossible to find (and also expensive) so I settled on these flatform substitutes from Lucky Brand. It'll be fun to stomp around this summer, a few inches taller than usual!

On another note, can't you just smell the summer in these photos? I'm wearing shorts! And sandals! It's exciting! But also weird! Climate change, what?!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


If a Court Jester was capable of time travel and wanted to be photographed for the Sartorialist, they would  totally wear this jacket. It's really classy and lined and makes me want to bop along to the song Fuuuuuun by Be Your Own Pet because she screams something about a "two-tone."

Does anyone still listen to Be Your Own Pet these days? Apparently they broke up in 2008, but I listened to them back in the day because they sound like today's version of riot grrrl. Their lead singer Jemina Pearl is a total badass, listen to that WAIL! Plus, she's wearing a Joan Jett shirt so bonus tough girl points for her.

Speaking of "two-tone," I used to wear these crazy black and white American Apparel tights all the time but I haven't worn them in ages. Let's re-live the memories, shall we?


Anywayssss, I had a really interesting time doing this "product review" for SheInside. At first they wanted me to pick something out from their "bestsellers" list but, I thought they might have more luck if I picked out something that actually aligned with my personal style instead of just typical blogger garb. So they were good to work with, because I'm picky like that and they're giving you 20% off your purchase if you enter the coupon code 'Isabel20' at the checkout, which expires April 30th.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Lonely Boy

It's the warmest it's been in months (not like that's saying much, though) and it appears I'm finally ready to make the transition from mom jeans into MOM SHORTS!  I know a lot of people are really anti-shorts-with-tights, but I don't really consider it a taboo. Shorts make my legs look long and I'm not ready for bare legs yet, so rules be damned!

The best part of this outfit is hands down the massive, hole-y, grunge as fuck mohair cardigan that I bought while in Baltimore (I should probably write about that, huh?). It looks exactly like the nubbly cardigan Kurt Cobain wore for Nirvana's MTV Unplugged show in 1993. How many times have I posted this image as inspiring my style? Probably countless.

Anyways, the mohair on my cardigan is so long and stringy that one adorably clueless boy at work asked if my cardigan was made out of sloth hair. Sloths! It was a joke but I think he was kind of spot on.

I think it looks especially awesome with my vintage Nirvana 'Come as You Are' shirt, which was the kindliest gift from Elizabeth of White Lightning.

The purpose of this post is to tell you that mohair, sloths and Nirvana are awesome. This is a FASHION BLOG after all.