Wednesday, May 30, 2012

T.A.N. Coffee

Hello! Good morning! Look at me wearing clothes and shrugging my shoulders like I awkwardly care a little too much! I only take pictures of clothing that I really love, which is why I’m wearing these Betsey Johnson floral Capri pants AGAIN even though I just wrote about them 3 posts back. They are my favourite thing to wear because they are so weird and make me look ~funky~ like Melora from Ghost World

I’m really working the appropriated 1950s look here with my high ponytail, red lips, clamdigger pants and my sparkly espadrille wedge sandals gifted from Sugar. I love looking down at my feet and watching them sparkle in the sun. Hopefully they’re not vampires. (EWWWW, did I just make a Twilight joke? Please kill me now.)

On the days when I don’t blog, I have picked up a semi uniform of, yes, jeans and a t-shirt. I don't wear these shoes every day though, it’ll more than likely be Blundstones on my feet. The jeans are J Brand and not only are they the most spectacular, perfect fit in the galaxy, they also cost me $0. Allow me to explain - They were marked as $15 at Kind Exchange, which is where I drop off all of my unwanted clothes and get store credit, so I had enough store dollars to get these jeans for free with all my store credit. I had been wanting another decent pair of jeans for ages so I am so happy to have found these stovepipes. I don't even have to cuff the hem, and I'm freakin' short!

They have a tiny hole in the crotch, which is lame, but I patched it up from the inside and they are now well-equipped to handle every day wear. Literally every day.

Note my gloriously unmanicured fingers in this photo of my new diamond wedding band: one of my latest articles for the Toronto Standard is about my utter abhorrence of fancy nail art. Obviously I am not getting married any time soon, but Anjolee offered to send me a diamond wedding ring (which is actually cubic zirconia) so I said yes because I like fancy things and looking glamorous. Ring courtesy of Anjolee, purveyor of actual, real diamond wedding bands.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hanging Out With... Luka Kelly

Luka Kelly is a Toronto-based crafter, metalhead and maker-lady extraordinaire who just also happens to be an old high school friend. She runs an Etsy shop, Hellhound Fashion, where she sells kitschy comic-book inspired acessories, runs a Tumblr and is just really pretty and talented in general and has the most epic blue hair ever.

Luka was kind enough to let me into her house to document her wildly kitschy living space. The entire place is covered in posters of metal bands, cartoon characters and illicit street signs. She is obsessed with Spiderman, Darth Vader and just about everything sci-fi you can imagine. Every inch of the space is just covered in an expression of her own personality, which is young at heart.

She just graduated from the Fashion Arts program at Seneca College, where she designed a capsule collection based on her interest in sci-fi and video games. It’s a bit like Doctor Who meets Final Fantasy meets a punk rock nebulae. The garments are really structured and tailored, but are made out of vinyl and spikes so it's business, badass and faerie all rolled into one.

It all looks like stuff I would imagine tall, pointy-eared elves wearing if all of a sudden they appeared on Earth. Here she is modelling a few items from the collection that she designed and sewed all by herself.

Hi puppy!!
Thanks for being bomb-ass, Luka!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Garage Sale

I'm having another virtual garage sale, cleaning out my closet and getting rid of things that don't fit or I don't wear. Please buy my things and help me pay next month's rent!! I've listed it all on Etsy this time for everyone's convenience so it is literally a first come first served basis. When it's sold, it's gone!

Vintage Blazer, complete with buttons and badges - $65
90s Button-up Snakeskin Print Shirt - $12

Chanel Beige Spectator Pumps - $50
Grey Structured Minidress - $30
Two-tone Houndstooth and Black Blazer - $40

Oversize Grey Knit Sweater - $50

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Month of May

It's Springtime and the mom jeans are in full bloom. No prissy floral skirts, just full on high-waisted, crotch-ripped denim. Bam! In case you don't keep up with my on my numerous social media accounts (speaking of which, my twitter handle is now @isabelslone - so profesh) I've been writing a lot for the Toronto Standard. Here are some excerpts from my latest articles, and keep your eyes peeled for my weekly articles in the Style section.

I wrote about the social implications of getting a haircut...
“When I was younger, getting a haircut was a fate worse than the dentist. The black nylon cape was like a straightjacket; I was too terrified to move my hands to scratch an itch or brush dangling strings of wet hair out of my eye… Now that I'm an adult no longer self-conscious about my itches, I’ve embraced the hairdresser’s chair as a throne of self-reinvention.”

“Do you remember when Courtney Love punched Kathleen Hanna at Lollapalooza in 1995, supposedly over an off-comment made about Courtney’s alleged drug use during her pregnancy with Frances Bean? Ok, neither do I because – full disclosure - I was precisely five years old at the time. But that doesn’t stop me from caring about decades-old beef between the high priestess of riot grrrl and the queen of kinderwhore.”

So yeah, I write things and have a great time doing it and it is my ultimate life goal to become and editor by age 25 and have a really awesome career-focused life. There, I said it. I don't really care about travelling or racking up really meaningful life experiences, I live to work because writing is my passion and that's really all there is. But sometimes you gotta have fun, at that's what WORN Fashion Journal is for! Last Saturday they held an issue launch party for the latest issue (best cover of all time) and it was SO FREAKING FUN. The people, the music, the clothes, everything was just golden. I look embarrassingly drunk in most of the photos so here is me and my friend Julia with magazines over our faces.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Bieber Face

For reasons unbeknownst to myself, a website called Pigeons and Planes decided to have some fun and photoshop Justin Bieber's head onto my body for an article called 20 Musicians Reimagined as Hipsters. I'm...honoured? TO be perfectly honest, I think this takes the cake as one of the weirdest press clippings I've received in six years of blogging. Most of the photoshops in the article are pretty accurate, but, like, do we even have to re-imagine Justin Bieber as a hipster? Doesn't he already fit the bill?

Also, I know the name of this blog is "Hipster Musings" but a couple months ago I wrote an article for my student newspaper as well as PLANT magazine #2 that discussed the nonexistence of hipsters. You should read it, if you know what's good for you!

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Hello from Toronto!

This post is really all about the pants. They are floral. They are capris. They are cray. I figured it was best to keep the rest of the outfit simple and let the pants do they talking. They're Betsey Johnson and I got them at Kind Exchange on Queen St. W. in Toronto. Kind Exchange is like a consignment store but they give you money or store credit up front instead of when your item sells so I sold some stuff and got these pants for FREE. Don't they look ridiculous on my floral couch??

Never in my life would I have been caught dead wearing capri pants because they remind me of middle-aged ladies and shopping in the Reitmans kids section in Grade 4. But my tendency to cuff every single pair of pants has given way into an obsession with flood pants and now I'm dabbling in capris. Life is like a box of chocolates, my friend. Also, I wanted a pair of floral pants that wasn't from H&M or Urban Outfitters so these kind of fit the bill perfectly. It totally sucks that Betsey Johnson declared bankruptcy and I hope she is able to find some financial backers because Betsey in a fashion institution and all of her clothes are so fun and wearable.

The first outfit photo (photocred to Haley Mlotek) was taken in the WORN Fashion Journal offices because I'm officially a "wornette," interning with the Publishing department and basically getting the word out that WORN is an awesome magazine. Remember when I covered Toronto Fashion Week for WORN last year? That was fun. Anyways, I've also been doing a lot of writing and an article about my pathetic job search was published on the Toronto Standard called "Where Have All the Paid Jobs Gone?" It's wistful and frustrating and you should read it if you're a creative young person because the chances are disturbingly high we're in the same boat.