Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Class of 2012

Just call me Mrs. Robinson, 'cause I'm the latest installment of THE GRADUATE. Straight to dvd. 

 This is my sassy graduate pose, it really accentuates the sleeves on this very high quality, breathable polyester gown.
 These are the folks who made it all happen (aka mated then gave birth to me and stuff.)
This is the sparkly dress I wore to dazzle everyone with my ~*great potential*~.

Yup, there you have it. Last week I graduated University with a Bachelor's Degree, whoop de doo. I completely forgot to upload the pictures, which is probably indicative of how much I care about the whole event, but I am an "only child" so obviously my parents guilted me into going as they don't have anyone else to sit through a tearfully boring graduation for.

As I am told, sometimes convocations bring in established, successful and sometimes even famous people to give speeches filled with "sage life advice" for recent graduates. Unfortunately, this does not happen at the University of Waterloo and instead, we had a number of short speeches ranging from how great the University of Waterloo is, to the current state of the environment, to a Valedictorian who told us to thank our parents for paying for school, to how great the University of Waterloo is. All in all, I found myself wishing I went to Hogwarts or Oxford or something else stuffy and British just so there would have been more pomp and circumstance. Some trumpets would have been nice . On the plus side, I never have to go back there again and I got to wear a really sparkly dress under my sweaty polyester gown, so there we go.

Onwards and upwards, dudes. Now that this chapter in my life is officially closed, ummm... I am struggling with finding a great end to that sentence because actually no one hands you a blueprint with some instructions that your life is supposed to follow so I guess I'll just keep it cryptic. We'll see.