• 2. Plant. In its sophomore issue, this one-girl Canadian production is full of stunning fashion images that reflect on nature and the feminine body. This edition features articles on the nonexistence of hipsters and even an article on mushrooms. For just a fiver, this is definitely worth the price.

  •  "The New Critic. Isabel Slone of Hipster Musings was the cleverest debutante at LG Fashion Week this past season, covering shows for WORN and staking out her future claim (fingers crossed) on the front row. She recently wrote an industry-critical essay on her blog, which we edited and reposted here, and which you’d do well to read. More girls than ever, it seems, want to work in fashion; so few are intelligent enough to understand what that means. Slone is one."

Snapped by Lewis Mirett for FASHION magazine during Toronto Fashion Week, October 2011.

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In 2007, before blogs were cool I was in the National Post.


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  • "With her dark hair, plastic-rimmed glasses, and opinions that are as blunt as her bangs, Isabel is kind of like “Daria.” The major difference, of course, is that she actually likes fashion, but not in a Quinn Morgendorffer “Fashion Club” kind of way. Clicking through Hipster Musings makes me want to channel my inner alt girl and inspires me to hit up my local vintage store and rent a stack of ’80s VHS flicks. It’s been fun following Isabel through her first few years of college, but don’t miss the archives for teen angst at its most fashionable."